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Get the relief you deserve

Brace Align manufactures high quality medical braces with both the patient and provider in mind.

We know a patient will best benefit from a brace when it fits correctly.  For this reason, most of our braces come in a universal size with moldable parts that can be personalized to correctly fit at all stages of need. 

Our braces can be tailored to accommodate an initial injury with swelling, adjusted for changes that occur during the healing process; and finally, maintained for ongoing support. 

Our braces are made with high grade material that will hold up to everyday life. Additionally, the lightweight material allows for all day use by your patient.  

We understand your NEEDS

As a provider you must look for a superior product that will benefit your patient while also being economically priced, which is why we offer you great products at competitive pricing. 

Our universal sizes reduce the amount of inventory required to store multiple sizes only to have them gather dust on your shelves creating an inventory headache.

Of all the benefits you will receive from choosing Brace Align for your orthotic needs, it’s our customer service that sets us apart. Amidst a growing culture of poor service, we believe it’s our best feature. 

When you partner with Brace Align, you and your patients can expect the best customer service from our team of dedicated people. We still believe the customer comes first! 

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